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The start of my journey

I guess for a long time I’ve been wanting to do something creative with my free time. Something less mind numbing than binge-watching my flavour of the month TV series. In the past few years I tried muffin baking and card making. Both were tiring but stress-relieving activities. But constant making of muffins did nothing for my figures (that’s one of my husband’s jokes) and card making was time consuming and more costly than buying ready made. So I still have my supplies for those past times but haven’t touched them in a long time. I needed a new project to keep me sane from the daily routine.

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by make up. Watching my beautiful mum putting on lipstick and eyeshadow, I was in awe of her and wanted to grow up so that I would be allowed to do the same. When I turned 16, on a summer school trip to France, I bought myself the most precious gift: my first lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent. Girls my age would shyly wear some colourless lipgloss. I was daring for wearing bold red.

I love colours and I love the power of transformation make up can have. I have already spent thousands of pounds on accumulating different make up products, colour lipsticks and eyeshadows over the years, I thought I’d better put that investment into good use. Which is why after toying with the idea of taking professional makeup lessons I decided to finally go for it. Had my first after-work, evening lesson on Tuesday and although I did struggle to get my head around cool and warm skin tones I was secretly chuffed for getting all the answers right, like a nerd. (Btw, did I mention I am 42 and on average 20 years older than the rest of the students there)?  At the end of lesson 1 we were given homework which entails finding two other people and practice the fundamentals of skin types, undertones and foundation application in them. Tricky. See, I live far from friends and family and I don’t know my neighbours well enough to involve them to something like this. So I managed to practice on a colleague. We couldn’t stop giggling in the ladies’ which made another colleague curious and joined in the conversation. It was fun and I ended up learning about “baking”, the make up method drag queens use! I must Google it next!

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