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Cooking and baking

With the Easter long weekend coming to its end, my batteries recharged, enough batches of koupepia (stuffed vine leaves), pastitsio (Greek lasagna) and spanakopitta (spinach pie) cooked to last our household until the end of the week, I got round to finding out more about baking.

I got curious about this make up technique mentioned to me by a colleague particularly as it is meant to help erase dark under-eye circles.

I have always been self conscious of my eyes constantly looking tired due to bags and natural dark shadow covering the circular area around my eyes. So much that, after following a tip from my sister, I started wearing concealer every day since I was in my highschool second year. Even at school. I remember it was a Body Shop one. I have since discovered much better fit-for-purpose concealers. But I’m regressing, so back to baking.

I went on YouTube to watch various make up vloggers explain what it is and how it’s done by the pros.  I soon realised that baking is what my bridal make up artist performed  on my wedding day.  At the time I thought that she was merely applying lots of powder under my eyes so that she couod dust off any traces of fallen eye shadow particles dropping from my lids to my cheeks.  I now know that the powder’s use was two-fold.  Yes, it helped dust off stray bits of dark eyeshade that could have otherwise given me racoon eyes.  At the same time, though, she was also baking my face.

When I first heard of the term “baking” I thought it referred to people who don’t know how to properly apply make up and end up with layers and layers of foundation that looks like a cake. In reality, baking is a very effective technique whereby copious amounts of translucent face powder are placed under the eyes after foundation and concealer are applied as normal.  The excess powder is left for a while to set in and absorb the excess oils of the creamy products underneath it. According to the vloggers I watched, one is meant to let the powder sink for 5 to 15 minutes to see results. In my case,during my bridal prep, the make up artist left the powder under my eyes for at least half an hour while she completed my eye make up. Before putting on my blusher and lipstick she lightly dusted off all the excess powder using a fluffy brush. The end result was amazing. My make up didn’t budge even after 12 hours and most of all there was no sign of my dark circles throughout the day. Now I have to master this technique as well.

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