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Make-up addict

I admit I’m a sucker for make up and I have far too many beauty products as I have already mentioned in my first post. So why don’t I learn my lesson but end up falling into the trap of continuously buying more stuff for my vanity table instead? I like to blame the make up industry and the advances in technology for coming up with new stuff all the time and for continuously improving product formulas. How dare they listen to all of us vain creatures looking for better ways to improve our looks.

No matter how hard I try to resist, there always comes a point where the temptation of trying something new overcomes my willpower and logic. I know I have enough blushers, mascaras, lipsticks, eyeshadows and pencils to fill a whole closet but every week it seems new products and new brands emerge in the shops.

Take me out of the house to buy groceries, shoes or clothes and I’m bored to tears most of the time. But take me make-up shopping any day and I get so fascinated by the products on display I get absorbed and hours can go by without me realising.

Lately I managed to hold out without buying any new make-up up products for about 6 months. 6 months! Quite an achievement for me. But last Tuesday I succumbed. Finishing work on time (a rare and beautiful occasion) and looking forward to my make up class I had an hour to kill in between. So obviously I ended up in Superdrug checking out the latest beauty products. My favourite past time. But I’d like to think that I have a well trained eye for make-up products – the volume of past purchases must have provided me with one advantage at least! I hardly go wrong with products I end up buying. I decided to try products from the MUA beauty line for the first time and they did not disappoint. I ended up buying a black eyeliner, a pink powder highlighter and a creamy apricot coloured concealer, all three at the bargain price of £5 at the 3 for 2 store offer!


Going to my makeup class next, the topic of the 2nd lesson being highlighting and contouring, I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the products on display for us to practice with was the exact same highlighter I just bought for myself. What did I say? I know how to make a good beauty product purchase.  A make-up addict ought to, no?

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