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Eyebrows, etc

On this cold afternoon in Greater Manchester, whilst sipping my coffee, I am wondering what the 3rd lesson of my makeup class will cover this evening. So far it’s been fascinating and I’ve learnt so many new things! We covered skin types and skin tones, best ways of applying foundation and concealer; we learnt about the various different face shapes (there are loads more than I thought) and how to contour and highlight them to fade out or accentuate features accordingly.

Perhaps today we’ll cover blusher application and eyebrow definition. Learning how to best apply eyeshadows on different eye shapes and complimenting different eye colours must be at least the subject of 1 or even 2 full classes, I presume.

Eyebrows… Growing up, my teenage beauty icon in the 80s was the fresh faced Brooke Shields, with her natural beauty and those amazingly thick, dark brows that accentuated her eyes.  (This makes me wonder how many of my fellow make up addict bloggers even know who I’m talking about but I hope it doesn’t put them off reading past this)!

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields – 80s icon

Between the 80s and this decade the beauty trends on eyebrows, like with most things, have changed many times, with the 90s seeing most women plucking​ their brows very thinly for example. But the full circle has been reached in recent years, mostly due to the influence caused by Cara  Delevingne’s magnificent brows on the catwalk, bringing bushy brows back in fashion. Now every young woman aspires to full, thick brows it seems. The comeback is bigger than ever.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

Nail salons are now thriving in the brow waxing and tinting lines of service with the emphasis on making brows bolder and distinct. If it’s not at the salon, more and more women are using shadows, brow pencils and stencils to enhance their eyebrows. But not everyone is suited to the same shape or thickness of brows. No same size fits all here! In fact the Cara Delevingne look, although stunning on her, can be extremely unnatural on a lot of  other people’s faces. What does everyone else think? Let me have your thoughts please.

With half an hour left before my class starts I hope the weather will be merciful. I wouldn’t want rain pouring down on me when it’s time to leave Costa Coffee for the Make-up Academy. Let’s see if it is eyebrows and blushers that this session will cover.

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