Mother’s Day

I’ve completed more than a 3rd of my make up course so far.  5 sessions down, 7 to go.  The 18:00 – 21:00 hours every Tuesday evening are good for fitting my make-up class around work but they are late in the day and it can get tiring.   After a full day in the office and with getting home around 22:00 to have a very late dinner and then feeling hyper and not being able to sleep early the whole day is having a bit of a knock-on effect on the rest of my week.  But I shouldn’t complain.  I’ve come to know my fellow students a little bit by now and learnt that a lot of them work and study in college or uni at the same time, not just doing the make-up course in their spare time like me.  Some of them have kids as well so they have a lot more busy schedules and commitments than me.  I cannot even imagine how it must be for Julie* for example, who juggles taking care of her 3 children, working 2 days a week and is currently studying for her university degree exams in social work, while attending this 3 hour per week course on top of everything else and trying to fit in homework make-up trials during the week!

This reminds me of all mothers who have to take care of the household, looking after their children, putting their wants and needs before their own. Mothers are every day super women who need to be respected and cherished.

As this coming Sunday it is Mother’s Day in Cyprus (I honestly don’t know why it’s different in other parts of the world like the UK) and my blog is vaguely based around the search for beauty I would like to dedicate this blog post to my mum, a strong, positive and beautiful person, inside and out.  I don’t often show her my appreciation for all the things she does for me and the whole family but she’s been a pillar of strength and positivity through many difficult times, especially in the last year which has been the most difficult.

Mother's day


She has shown me, with her courage and positiveness, that love does not end with the loved ones that one day have to go.  Love and the happy memories stay with us for ever and we have to continue making new happy memories.

Happy Mother’s Day from abroad mum 

Love, Kiki xxx


* the name has been changed to preserve the person’s anonymity

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